A home for all people, from all nations and languages who are one (united) in the grace of Jesus Christ, actively following Him and committed to each other and into making a tangible difference in our community.



Rainbow Christian Fellowship exists to glorify God by spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the ethnically, socially, and economically diverse people of our city, and equipping believers for good works.


 A healthy, multi-ethnic member of the body of Christ seeking to see the communities of Olympus and eastern Pretoria transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ through discipleship, reconciliation, and social justice.


As a local expression of the universal church of Jesus Christ, Rainbow Christian Fellowship holds to the following values as shaping and guiding our communal life and fellowship 

We are Gospel-centric 

The Gospel is the good news that; because God loved us while we were still sinners, He entered the world in Jesus Christ, his eternal Son, who came to establish his Kingdom.  Having lived a sinless life, Jesus bore our sin and curse for which he suffered and died in our place.  He rose again from the dead, ascended into heaven, and from the right hand of God the Father, now reigns over his church and the world through his Spirit and Word.  While we are undeserving, we find our redemption at the Cross.  In Christ we receive a new life, the forgiveness of sin, reconciliation with God and the sure hope of eternal glory in his presence.  This is realised in the life of any person who trusts in Jesus Christ alone as God’s gift of grace to mankind.

We are Missional

We believe that Scripture calls us as a community to practical missional Christian living – to be salt and light in our spheres of influence, through both word and deed; to lead people to the Cross; to show Christian love and hospitality towards those who visit the church; and to seek ways of ministering among lesser privileged communities, as the Lord would have done, so that people would know that the Lord is God.

We are Multi-ethnic

We believe that a literal obedience to the Great Commission requires us to be multi-ethnic as a local church; that the Kingdom of God is multi-ethnic; and that the Gospel creates a diverse community of followers of Jesus here on earth.  As our ultimate identity is found in Christ alone, we as children of our heavenly Father, come together as a family despite socio-economic, ethnic, language and cultural differences.  We will pursue this identity and unity here and now as a privileged fore-taste of the wider and greater sense of diversity, when we together with the heavenly host and the church of all ages will one day worship the Lord God.

We are Socio economically Diverse

We believe that the Lord seeks all sinners whether rich or poor.  The doors of our community are therefore open to all those who are led by the Lord to our community for fellowship, despite of socio economic status, class or education.

We are Disciples making Disciples

Ultimately, our community consciously seeks to obey the great commission of Jesus to ‘go and make disciples of all nations.’ Our goal is to see everyone develop a personal, passionate devotion to and walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.

We Seek Justice and Peace in Society

We believe that we are called, individually and jointly to seek the peace and welfare of our city (Jer. 29:7), based on righteousness and justice. We believe God wants transformation and renewal; and that we are called as a church to actively engage in the city, to seek its good by serving faithfully, giving radically, and praying for the good of it, especially with the ministry of reconciliation in the racially divided communities around us.

We believe this vision and mission will grow the church spiritually and numerically and help transform our neighbourhoods into a place known for God’s power in people’s lives. To accomplish this vision and mission requires a shift in thinking of all of us as members of Rainbow Christian Fellowship.